Three Phase Induction Motor – Constructive Aspects

The three-phase induction electric motor is basically made of two parts, the stator and rotor. The stator consists of the housing which is the support structure of the assembly, robust in cast iron or welded steel, Gates B154 Hi-Power II Belts resistant to corrosion, the core of sheets is made of magnetic steel (steel-silicon), heat-treated and with insulated surface in order to reduce the losses in the iron to the minimum, in the three-phase winding the three equal sets of coils, one for each phase, form a three-phase system connected to the three-phase supply network.

The rotor, the steel shaft, transmits the mechanical power increased by the motor, is heat treated to avoid problems such as warpage and fatigue and the core where the plates have the same characteristics as the stator plates. The cage or winding of the rotor is made of bars and short circuit rings in the motor type cage and coils in motor type rings and can be electrolytic copper, brass or injected aluminum. The other parts of the three-phase induction motor are the bearing caps, the internal and external fan, the baffle cover or fan guard, the power connector box, the insulated terminal board, and the connecting and bearing pin.

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