Italian Restaurant: lasagna and risotto dishes

Another dish loved by Brazilians. Lasagna is one of the oldest typical Italian foods. Some books
say that the origin of the dish can be Greek or English, but it was certainly Italy that improved
the recipe.
Traditional lasagna is made with ground beef sauce (ragú), but there are several other
delicious versions. For a good lasagna in Italy, head to the popular restaurants.
Risotto is one of the typical Italian foods with the most variation in ingredients.
It originated in
northern Italy, in the 11th century, and is made with a special rice, which gives a more creamy
aspect to the dish.
The most famous is the Milanese risotto, which appeared in 1574 in Milan, through a “prank”
made by a student with his teacher. The student bribed the cook (responsible for the teacher’s
daughter’s wedding banquet) to put saffron in the risotto.
With that, a yellow risotto was served, which pleased all the guests. To eat this dish in Italy,
look for restaurants specializing in pasta.

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