Best house paints: PVA latex or acrylic latex?

When using PVA latex, two coats must be applied, in acrylic, from two to three coats –
Before anything, it is necessary to understand that there is a type of paint for each type of
surface, so choosing the right paint is essential for a well-finished and durable paint job. The
characteristics of the paints are given by the type, quantity and quality of the resins and
pigments that go into their composition.
These elements will determine the surfaces on which it can be applied and under what
circumstances. Most paints used in civil construction are based on PVA latex (polyvinyl
acetate) and acrylic latex (acrylate and methylmethacrylate).
Latex paints are paints made with various types of thermoplastic resin having water as a
soluble base.
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Latex PVA
PVA latex paints are mostly used indoors, as they have good performance, quality and good
price. The main properties of this type of paint are ease of application, allowing for surface
spreading and quick drying, good resistance to weathering and heat, ease of cleaning, with the
use of neutral soap and water, resistance to mold, good color retention, durability.
Its application must be done between two and three coats. It’s also ideal for those who don’t
have much experience with painting. Another tip is that the paint is not suitable for wet areas
or areas that may receive constant rain, nor for high-gloss finish coatings, such as a handrail,
for example.

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